Twiggy Christmas Trees

Beautiful Christmas decorations just have this way of filling the soul with happiness.  These little Twiggy Christmas Trees are a fun Christmas craft and all you need is a collection of twigs, a glue gun and a piece of twine.

Here’s How:

  1. Choose a thick twig for the Christmas tree trunk.
  2. Break the remaining twigs into various sizes.   You should have a very short twig for the top of your tree, progressing with slightly longer twigs as you go down the trunk.
  3. Once you have laid them out, use your glue gun to attach the branches to the trunk.
  4. Tie some twine to the top of your Twig Christmas Trees and hang them as ornaments.  Otherwise, stand them up in small flower pots or empty tins filled with sand.

I really love the plain rustic look, but if you want to add some colour, you could decorate the branches with little cake decorating stars, buttons or pom poms.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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