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Mother’s Day Gift Box

What are your plans for Mother’s Day and more importantly, have you sorted out a gift?

Gorgeous gift boxes keep popping up on my Pinterest feed and I must say, I’m a little bit in love with them. So perfect for any occasion, but none better than Mother’s Day.

A few questions to ask before plunging in. Do you have a theme? What colours work best with your theme? How will you package your gift? What homemade items can you include to make it extra special? I think this will be a lot of fun.

Thinking of themes, Mother’s Day lends itself to pampering, sweet treats, beautiful books and fashion accessories, beauty and skin care and so the list goes on.

This one’s for “a cosy afternoon in.” A cup of tea to be enjoyed while taking a luxurious bath and indulging in some homemade sweet treats. In keeping with traditional Mother’s Day colours I went with pink, white and a touch of gold.

Including one or two homemade goodies adds a personal touch, so go ahead and bake some biscuits or blend some homemade bath salts using a gorgeous mix of essential oils. If sewing is your thing, use some beautiful fabric and sew up a heat pack or else knit a beanie or scarf and so the list goes on.

Now for the actual box, well it doesn’t have to be a box. You could chose a basket, a small wooden crate, a tray, even a salad bowl. I opted for the traditional style white box with a lid and a pretty bow to give some extra pizzazz.

Boxes can come in various sizes and depths. So that your offerings sit pretty, plump up your box with some scrunched up newspaper or tissue paper followed by a layer of shredded tissue paper. This gives you a soft base so that bigger items can sit deeper and everything can sit evenly across the top.

Chose colours that work well together. Start with your marquis item to establish the colour accents. My gift box started with a batch of home made pink and white Coconut Ice so I just went from there.

Don’t squash things in too tightly, a tiny bit of space in between each item looks prettier. You can play around with the placement until you’re happy – it’s a bit like a puzzle.

Happy Creating x

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