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Chickpea Noodle Soup

Chickpea Noodle Soup

This Chickpea Noodle Soup is one of those really nice foundation soups.  The name makes you think chicken noodle soup and funnily enough, it does have a  ...

Cornflour Stars

Corn Flour Stars

These Cornflour Stars are so cute.  To add to the joy they’re fun to make and cost next to nothing. Three ingredients is all it takes –  ...

Coleslaw in bowl


If you’re looking for a quick and easy side dish, look no further.  This Coleslaw is refreshing, a little crunchy and seriously delicious.  For the  ...

Lino Print Retro VW

Lino Printing

Lino printing is one of those art forms that can be very forgiving.  In fact, quite often it’s the imperfection of the print that gives it an  ...

Pea and Potato Stew

Pea and Potato Stew

This Pea and Potato Stew is a great recipe to make when you have a bare fridge and limited time.  I tend to serve it up at least once a month and there are  ...