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Golden Croutons

This will be the easiest and most delicious soup or salad topper you will ever make. Grab a loaf of bread, something a little bit fluffy like a French Cob or even a standard sandwich block loaf. Roughly cut a few thick slices, then cut your slices into cubes. No need for precision, odd shapes and sizes are ok.

Grab a fry pan and coat with olive oil, once warmed up, tip in your bread cubes. Fry for a few minutes, keep tossing to make sure they don’t burn. Once your cubes are golden, turn off the heat. Keep them in the fry pan to get the last of the heat. Allow the croutons to cool a little and voila you now have the most delicious, crunchy cubes to top your soup or salad. Alternatively, they can be served on a nibbles platter with a scattering of sea salt or pepper. Too easy and too delicious, see if you can stop at just one.

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